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After Level 25?

Well, I passed level 25 this evening, in German, and while it's nice to do so, I'm still learning. Are there any plans to add on more levels, or should I just expect a funky shooting star going across the screen from the level 25 star to infinity when I end a lesson?

January 29, 2013



This just happened to me recently. The star going across the screen is probably just a bug.

The levels are independent from the course, and does not accurately represent a learner's skill level. It would make more sense to not use points as the only determinant, but instead utilize the hearts remaining, total vocabulary, total translations, and skill tree progress.


What do I do after finishing off the skill tree? "Practice all skills"?


Practice all skills or translate if you feel like it. After I finished my French tree I continued to translating for a month. Then I left on vacation after which I didn't feel like returning to translation any more. I began using other resources to improve my French. There is no need to stick to Duolingo forever. Go "into the wild", explore the language you've learned here.


The best way to improve your skills after Duolingo would be to go to the aforementioned country, otherwise after some time you'd lose everything very quickly. If you don't plan to do so, just do something else but practice once in a while, like once per month (if the algorithm is right, the levels should have decreased by the time)


Just going into any country does not guarantee anything. I usually travel with my husband and I rarely talk to anyone except him (and of course we talk in our native language). Traveling is by no means the only way to maintain a language. (I've never been to any English-speaking country, but apparently I have not forgot all the English that I learned at school.)

Practicing the new language is the key: talking, reading, listening, writing, etc. no matter where you are.


I mean I am still at level 15. re-practicing all skills or any steps of the skill tree would be very slow... and boring until getting to lvl 25. I want more new topics/lessons... :-S


there is a recent thread "are subtopics or new lessons coming soon?" which says that there will come new content


That's not what I mean. I specifically wonder whether there will be a level 26, a level 32 - not whether there will be new lessons.


Just a quick question: when you hit level 25 had you finished the tree yet?


Not quite, but I was fairly close. Not that completing the tree signifies much more than completing the tree.


Well, it means you've learnt all of the skills duolingo has to teach by lessons. Hopefully, they will keep extending the tree (and raise the total level).

Come to think of it, it makes no sense to have a maximum level. I mean, they do want people to continue to translate, right? Why not keep giving them levels then?


I'd have to disagree. It means I've made it through the lessons. Have I learned everything in them? No. Not even close. I'm not expecting fluency from Duolingo - to me, it's a way to work on reading comprehension more than anything - and I still have plenty of work to do before I can comfortably read a native German document. I'd say I've become familiar with the material in all of the lessons, but I wouldn't use the past tense. I'm still learning.

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