"A sweatshirt"

Translation:Crys chwys

June 13, 2016

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"Chwys" comes from Proto-Indo-European *sweyd- (“to sweat”), which makes it a cognate of this long but not exhaustive list of words: English "sweat", German "Schweiß", Swedish "svett", French "sueur", Spanish "sudor", Persian خوی‎ (xway), Sanskrit स्वेद (svéda), Latvian "sviedri", Tocharian B "syā-", and Albanian "djersë".


I used siwmper, because I have always thought sweatshirt and jumper were the same thing?


It might be a difference in English dialects, perhaps. In Britain it tends to be 'pullover, jumper' for a knitted cotton or woollen top to keep you warm generally, and 'sweat-shirt' as something originally designed for putting on after heavy exercise. But again, usages may vary.

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