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  5. "Ca i siocled nawr."

"Ca i siocled nawr."

Translation:I can have some chocolate now.

June 13, 2016



Wouldn't this be, May I have chocolate now?


No, that would be the question form - ga i siocled?, with the soft mutation and the question mark.

ca i... means 'I will have/get/be allowed (to have)'


I was taught that without the 'Mi' it's a question.


No. mi is sometimes used in some dialects in front of positive statements, and it causes a soft mutation. The question form of verbs undergo soft mutation for a different reason.


Out of curiosity how would you say 'I may have some chocolate' in the sense of I don't know whether I will or not.


One way would be to say "Efallai bydd gen i siocled".


I thought that "can" (or "may") is used in the question form. In the positive form, I thought that "ca i" means "I will" or "I'll".


Cael has several meanings, the chief ones being:

  • Having/getting (but not in the sense of 'owning')
  • Being allowed to, including that meaning of the English forms 'I may have/get' or 'I can have/get' (but not in the sense of 'having the ability to').


"I will have" marked incorrect – I thought that was one possibility, along with "I may have"?

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