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Where to from here? links included

I posted recently on some problems I had with Duolingo since then I have changed the way I am learning the language.

suggestions are welcome.

I am almost done with the Polish tree but I had decided it is better to first redo all the exercises before continuing with any new skills. So hopefully when I finish the Polish tree it will be golden and I will try and keep it golden for as long as possible


this site is great for knowing when to use which case. As I mentioned in my previous post, the lack of polish sentence construction is a problem on Duolingo. I have grown to easily identify cases when its infront of me but struggle to form my own, uncertain about which case to use sometimes and this site has helped me.

I also read another thread about compiling a list of all the words on duolingo in an excel spreadsheet. This is a neat organised way of digesting everything one's learnt. Currently my method of simply writing things down on a piece of paper isn't helping much.


This right here as also been helpful. It is a link that I surprisingly haven't seen on Duolingo. It is not just helpful for Polish but for most languages. Using some of the things I learnt from Duolingo I can understand almost everything being said and hardly looking at the English subtitles. It is a very good tool, listening to how normal people speak, it is also helpful it that you actually see the words written in Polish as well.

That is all, best of luck to all of those learning this interesting and difficult language.

June 13, 2016



Thanks for the link - very useful. :)


Thanks for that link! This is exactly the kind of video I was looking for to help with Polish. 5 lingots for you, sir.

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