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"These women are familiar to me."

Translation:Những người phụ nữ này quen thuộc với tôi.

June 13, 2016



Những phụ nữ này quen thuộc với tôi


"Những người phụ nữ này thì quen thuộc với tôi." should be accepted as a correct answer. Thanks.


"Những người phụ nữ này quen với tôi." is correct too.


Rejects 'các' for những.


Interesting....... VOI can be with....but "familiar with" has a very different meaning in English than "Familiar to"


The construction is similar to Cantonese. We would say these women with me very familiar (word-for-word translation without reordering). The familiarity is mutual; I am familiar with them and they are familiar with me.


"These women are familiar to me." - I recognize these women in some way although it is not necessarily mutual. (For example if I recognize them from an old picture, or they remind me of people I know/knew, but we've never met before.)

"These women are familiar with me." - these women certainly know [of]/recognize me, regardless of whether or not I am familiar with them.

"I am familiar to these women." - These women surely know who I am, or have the feeling they know of me from somewhere, though it's not necessarily mutual.

"I am familiar with these women." - I definitely know who these women are, and they probably also know who I am, although not necessarily. I would add "...and they with me" if I wanted to be clear the familiarity was mutual. :)

So the question is: what does this sentence in Vietnamese actually mean/imply?


"Familiar with" sometimes connotes more than recognition. "Don't be familiar with me," means don't presume to act as though we have a close relationship.


Why is "Những người phụ nữ này là quen thuộc với tôi." not correct?


"Là" is not used with adjectives, except on some particular cases.


Không cần thiết phải thêm từ "người" trong câu này. "Những phụ nữ này quen thuộc với tôi" là đã đúng nghĩa.


"Familiar" is derived from "familia" (family or household) and thus has a lingering connotation of "closeness of association" rather than simply knowing. "Don't be familiar with me!" is a warning against assuming too much informality. "Are you familiar with her? " is a somewhat formal way of saying, "Do you know her?" but "How well do you know her?" can be lurking in the meaning. "He is familiar with her," can mean anything from "He knows of her" to "They are on friendly, perhaps close, terms." The key to the sense is in context and tone of voice.


There is a bug. I’m selecting the right answer and it’s being marked wrong, and shows the same sentence I selected as the right answer

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