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"September is the ninth month."

Translation:Вересень - дев'ятий місяць.

June 13, 2016



I wrote Вересень це дев'ятий місяць But is said це is incorret, and we need -


It is a missing alternative. You should report it.


І, also use 'є' in all my sentences when speaking & writing. Why does DL constantly mark the usage of 'є' as 'incorrect' when it is actually literally correct, and many people use it worldwide? Example: "Вересень є дев'ятий місяць."


Actually, it's incorrect to use 'є' in such sentences. In general, you should avoid it.


Like I said earlier: "To BE, or not to BE?" THAT 'IS' the Question of the state of 'Being' of the Ukrainian letter 'Є' ('is' = verb: 'to be'...) (We should keep it in our sentences.) ДЯКУЮ! :)

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