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  5. "Dzieci nie znają odpowiedzi."

"Dzieci nie znają odpowiedzi."

Translation:The children do not know the answer.

June 13, 2016



You shouldn't have asked children about quantum chromodynamics in the first place.


While translation can be either "answer" or "answers", is "odpowiedzi" plural, here? Or is it singular and the "i" is added because of the case changing the ending of "odpowiedz"?


This particular noun happens to have identical Genitive for singular and plural, which results in both 'answer' and 'answers' being accepted, as there is just no way to tell which one should it be.

In Nominative, the singular is "odpowiedź" and plural is "odpowiedzi". See declension here.


As I commented before, nothing could be further from reality! Perhaps it should read: Dorosly czesto nie znaja odposiedzi.


Adults often do not know the answers - Dorośli często nie wiedzą
An adult often does not know the answers - Dorosły często nie wie


This could not be a more polish statement. My family have a saying 'Dzieci i zwierzeta nie maja glosu' It means children and animals have no voice


Dzieci nie znają całej rodziny, nie znają się na wielu sprawach, ale jeśli chodzi o odpowiedzi na pytania, to ich nie mają, albo nie wiedzą, jak na nie odpowiedzieć.

The phrase "Dzieci nie znają odpowiedzi" is a literal translation (copy) from English.

The children do not know the answer(s) - Dzieci nie wiedzą/ Dzieci nie wiedzą jak odpowiedzieć (na pytanie/pytania)/Dzieci nie mają odpowiedzi (na pytanie/pytania)


I'm sorry, but if you are saying that there's something wrong about "znać odpowiedź", then that's nonsense. Just google it and see almost 100 000 results.

"mieć odpowiedź" (to have the answer) is really a different thing.


Why is "The children don't know what the answers are" not accepted?


The meaning may be basically the same, but it's actually a perfect example of how differently "wiedzieć" and "znać" work. Your sentence is "Dzieci nie wiedzą, jaka jest odpowiedź".


I always get this question right but it gets marked


I'm no rocket scientist, but my educated guess is that if it gets marked wrong, then it means that you got it wrong.

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