"Mae o'n un da am dynnu llun."

Translation:He is good at taking a picture.

June 13, 2016

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Shouldn’t ”taking pictures” be accepted? I know there is no plural in Welsh but it sounds at least as (if not more) natural to use the plural in English.


"He is good at taking a picture" makes it sound like it's like... one single picture he's good at. :P I presume this means "he is generically good at photography"


That's right.


So, just to be clear, we won't translate it as "taking pictures" but this would be the Cymraeg equivalent of saying "he's good at taking pictures"? So, if that was what we wanted to say this is how we would phrase it?


Just replace llun (a picture) with its plural, lluniau.


I don't really understand the structure of this sentence. Can someone explain it?

  • mae o - he is
  • un da - a good one
  • mae o'n un da... - he is a good one...
  • am - at/for (+ soft mutation) (it can have other meanings too)
  • tynnu llun - taking a picture

  • mae o'n un da am dynnu llun - he is a good one at taking a picture; he is good at taking a picture.

The use of un like this is quite common in Welsh.


Tthanks - I understand the translation you have given but the original english we had to translate was 'he is good at taking a picture', not 'he is a good one at taking a picture', so do we need the 'un? would it be correct to say Mae o'n dda am dynnu llun


That is another accepted translation, but the one shown is a common pattern in Welsh.


A great help! Thanks! I couldn't understand "un da."

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