Delightful encounter thanks to Duolingo

So I have been learning Italian on Duolingo for almost a few months now. Yesterday evening, I was walking my puppy named Macchiato and ran into a middle-aged woman walking her own dog and the two pups started playing.

She said hello and asked what my dog's name was. I could tell she had a European accent of some sort, although I couldn't identify what it was. I told her his name was Macchiato and she said "Caffe Macchiato!" and asked if I was or spoke any Italian. Fortunately, I spoke a little thanks to Duolingo!

We had a lovely passegiatta and broken English/Italian conversation. We laughed about the fact that I was learning Italian and knew English and she was learning English and knew Italian, and that we were at the same level with our respective languages. However, we were still able to piece together a wonderful conversation.

All in all it was one of the most pleasant and delightfully spontaneous experiences and I hope it stands as a story of encouragement for others to keep pursuing their language journeys here on Duolingo.

Thanks Duolingo!

6/13/2016, 2:38:38 PM


So the moral of the story is: If you want to practice your Italian give your dog an Italian name.

Joking aside, isn't it wonderful to be able to communicate with other people in their own language? All the work you do pays off and you rightly feel proud of yourself. Grazie per la bellissima storia!

6/14/2016, 10:37:04 AM

And our pups also became total BFFs...!

6/13/2016, 2:41:42 PM
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Great story!

6/13/2016, 3:41:18 PM

Wonderful! It's the best when you manage to communicate, no matter how basic. It's a lovely thing to pull people together. We need that.

6/15/2016, 9:28:55 PM

Well, that's nice! I wonder if she used Duolingo as well?

6/13/2016, 2:39:33 PM

I should have suggested it to her! If I run into her again, I'll let her know.

6/13/2016, 2:42:33 PM

that's really nice! That's exactly why I want to be multilingual

6/13/2016, 4:08:26 PM

Una bella storia!

6/14/2016, 12:46:27 PM

I've only just started

6/14/2016, 3:26:59 PM

my BFF recommended it me

6/14/2016, 3:27:10 PM

lovely story...thanks for sharing it!

6/15/2016, 10:53:36 AM

Encouraging! Are you only using Duolingo to learn Italian or are you also using other materials

6/15/2016, 11:02:17 PM

Duolingo alone so far, however I do occasionally practice reading ricette on

6/16/2016, 7:09:23 PM

oh good idea! I love cooking! thats perfect :) Grazie

6/19/2016, 3:32:51 AM
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Great story! Does your dog have spots?

6/16/2016, 10:49:00 AM

Not really, but he's a mix of creme colored and dark brown. So milk and espresso!

6/16/2016, 7:08:29 PM

That is such an inspiring story. I'm learning German.

6/16/2016, 5:54:02 PM
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I bet you are studying even harder now. It is amazing what a boost to your confidence does for your language abilities. I am really happy for you.

6/21/2016, 2:44:46 PM

che dolce storia! I am inspired!

6/22/2016, 4:45:19 AM
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