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I am unable to delete comments in my activity 9/10 of the time.

Hi there!

Operating System: Windows7
Browser: Firefox and Chrome (both updated.)

I am unable to delete comments from my activity stream. I am having this problem in both of the browsers that I use. Today I had 1 exception. But, then it stopped working again. The ability to delete comments in my own stream is very important to my work as a moderator.

Thank you for taking a look at this! :)

January 29, 2014



Taking a look, Usagiboy7!


This usually happens because there's a lag due to caching. Have you checked later to see if the comment deletes? Everyone is able to do this on their own stream (not just mods!). Let me know! :)


Yes, this is not a mod account and is also experiencing a problem. At least 7 days have passed and the comment remains on my activity. It is no longer visible on a friend's wall, where I initially posted it. But, when I try to delete it from mine and I see that it says javascript:;. Usagiboy7 was unable to remove it either.


Thank you kristinemc! Here is an update:

I'm still not having any luck. I get the same javascript:;

As a note, I am unable to help anyone remove comments from their streams. The option does not exist for me.


Yeah.. it's annoying, you click delete, then you refresh, click delete again, and it doesn't even budge. I hope Duolingo looks into this.

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