"Giáo viên khó quan tâm tới mỗi nhân trong lớp học."

Translation:It is difficult for a teacher to care about each individual in the class.

June 13, 2016



Is the "ma" what makes this "it is difficult for a teacher" rather than "the teacher is hard"? I had interpreted the "ma" as "but," thinking this was "The teacher is hard, but cares for every individual in the class."

June 13, 2016


Huy_Ngo needed here.

May 1, 2019


why is "the teacher" wrong? What makes it "a teacher"?

March 3, 2018


Good question. "A teacher.... the class" could mean that any teacher would have problems with a particular class while "The teacher... a class" could mean that a particular teacher can't take care of any class. "The teacher.... the class" or "A teacher... a class" work better as general statements. In speech stress accent might clarify any of the possible meanings but, realistically, in the case of text, even native English speakers are likely to read any of the combinations of articles as a general statement.

July 20, 2018


Without an explanation of sentence construction or interpretation, this sentence is garbage

May 3, 2019


What in this sentences signals "it is difficult" rather than "difficult teacher" ?

July 9, 2019


Is "" necessary? What does it mean here? Is it just part of an expression, "tới mỗi"?

June 10, 2017


If the translation is "It is...", shouldn't the Vietnamese sentence contain the text "Nó là"? Because when I translate the text, I'd say it says: The teacher is hard/the hard teacher, but cares for every individual in class.

Which doesn't correlate well with the use of tới in this sentence. So what is the role and use of tới?

July 9, 2017


Can they just make some simple sentences that you don't need to type for two minutes just to realize that you memorized some the instead of a? Just FY duolingo mods

April 10, 2019


Like I said, this sentence I NEVER saw in all five crown levels!!! I only saw it in practice.

And why is it not:

Nó khó cho một giáo viên quan tâm cho mỗi cá nhân trong lớp học ??

August 17, 2019
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