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Suggestion: Allow xp gained to progress multiple goals at once.

This week my students were setup with a 50xp weekend goal, a 50xp workweek goal, a 200xp monthly goal, and a 1,000xp quarterly goal. The idea was to encourage the students that worked ahead by allowing their additional xp to work toward completing a larger goal faster. Unfortunately, duolingo is currently only allowing one goal to be worked on at a time so the 1,000xp goal took priority and caused all students to fail their weekend goal.

Can the xp gained be put toward all goals at once instead of one at a time? It is impossible to setup weekly and daily goals if a quarterly goal will prevent them from being accomplished.

June 13, 2016



Hi! That is an interesting suggestion! I will pass it on to the team. How are you dealing with it in the meantime?


We stopped using the xp goals. They were resulting in students losing momentum and becoming discouraged.

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