"Drzwi są zamknięte."

Translation:The door is closed.

June 13, 2016

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If this is a single door, why są instead of jest?


"Drzwi" is pluralia tantum. It doesn't have a singular version, even if you literally mention "one door" it will be "jedne drzwi" - yeah, we just made the numeral 'one' into plural.


Then, do you depend on the ending of the adjectives to determine if it is just one door (the door) or more than one doors?


no. adjectives have to match the noun so they are already plural even if there is only one door. 99% of sentences number of doors is left amibigous. only if you actually add numeral/ quantifier you can determine how many doors are there


That's very interesting. Thank you so much for your input. I wish Polish Duo had some sort of comments/instructions per each topic instead of letting all the learners swim in the deep ocean by themselves !


Kind of like the English word "pants?"


You remark about pluralizing the numeral one made me wonder, if you wrote the number 11, you would have written two of the numeral one. Would you write 'piszałem dwa jedne' to say you wrote the number one twice?


That would be "napisałem dwie jedynki" or "napisałem jeden/jedynkę dwa razy".


"jedynka" is a noun meaning, generally, "the number one". It's also the worst grade in school, so it's like "an F" in the US.


Hold the door!


How would you say "the doors are locked?"


Generally the same, but if the difference between 'locked' and 'closed' is really important to you, you can add "na klucz".


Ha! "The door's closed" "missed a space" ;)


Well, I don't think that surprises you anymore, right? ;) Added now.


I'm only surprised that there are any left for me to find ;)


"y2 and "e" sound exactly the same at the end of words; it seemsjust gyesswork to know which to use . Is there any helpful rule?


If you are talking about adjectives that end in "y" or "e", like zamknięty, zamknięte, the rules are rather simple: y is for masculine singular. Pokój jest zamknięty - the room is closed. "E" is for plural or neutral. Drzwi są zamknięte (pl). Door is closed. Okno jest zamknięte (neutr.). Window is closed.

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