"I do not like scary stories."

Translation:Nie lubię strasznych historii.

June 13, 2016

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I tried "Nie podobają mi się straszne historie," and it was marked wrong. Is this a mistake on my part?


No, this makes sense. Added.


Can 'podobać się' really be used for such a general statement? I would have expected that it needed something more specific like "te straszne historie".


"te" may make more sense, but I think that if you generally hate scary stories, it's a safe assumption that you won't like any of them.

"Nie lubię" seems to me to be a safer choice.


What about 'Opowieści'? Why didn't that work?


"Tales" would probably be a better word for "opowieści", but close enough, accepted now.


Is "Historii" a translation of story? I use the mobile app and the only options are Historii or otwarte! Surely "story" is a better translation?


Sorry got that the wrong way round...there isn't an option to choose "opowiesci" on the app only "historii" or "otwarte" It marked "Historii" as a correct answer!!!


I understand that you mean the 'puzzle' exercise. Well, it is based on the default sentence, which uses the word "historii". (in plural, although there's no difference between Genitive singular and Genitive plural of this word).

"historia" is a perfectly fine word for "a story", and this is the default answer. "opowieść" was accepted 9 months ago, but it's only accepted.


why is "nie podoba mi się" wrong? to me like includes both, that I do not like to watch them and that it is more on the feeling side. thanks


Have you tried "nie podoba mi się"?


Ah, yes. Thanks! I had never realized this expression is also subject to plural. Fortunately I asked, one really learns so much, by asking when something seems not clear. You’re really doing a good job, all of you, thanks for it


in fact it does not work either, but anyway, i learned something by my question, and that's what matters


Could it be strasznej histori, for not liking a scary story?


"strasznej historii" (double i) would work for one, yes. But you'd rather need something like 'tej strasznej historii' (this scary story).


You can't say bajka for story?


"bajka" is a fairy tale for children, so a scary one would kinda defeat its purpose ;) At least nowadays, the Grimm brothers or Andersen could potentially disagree.

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