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"Hunden har en stærk karakter."

Translation:The dog has a strong character.

June 14, 2016



Does anyone feel that personality should be accepted for karakter?


Agreed. I don't think we'd refer to character in this context. Personality is more appropriate.


I agree too, although it certainly could be character in select circumstances, especially if used in reference to a personified dog in a show for kids, but I really visited to see what silly absurd comments might be here. None yet.


Character could be used in the context of praise for bravery or hard working. A strong personality could describe any trait, such as playfulness or even "small dog syndrome"


Is karakter really pronounced with the last syllable stressed, or is it a hiccup of the text-to-speech? It would be quite surprising compared to similar words in English, Dutch and German.


Can anyone help me on how to pronounce Hunden vs huden google translate isn't being very helpful and forvo even less so.


Huden: hoo'-then

hunden: hoo'-nen

You have the glottal stop in both denoted by '

In common spoken Danish (especially Copenhagen and South Zealand/Lolland), the second syllable is reduced to a bit grunt-like n-sound: hoo'-n'

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