"We are people."

Translation:My jesteśmy ludźmi.

June 14, 2016

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Why not "ludzie?" As far as I understand ludzie is the plural for people . So, even though it was nominative, it still should be ludzie such as " oni sa ludzie" correct? PD: in this lesson there isn't any grammar focus, so please be humble enough to correct me or give me an idea why is this grammatical issue occurring.


Sentences like "X is Y" (We are Y) either take Instrumental for Y, or may be constructed as "X to Y" with Y being in Nominative, but that doesn't work if X was a pronoun, both X and Y would need to be noun phrases.

So here, the only option is with X = Nominative and Y = Instrumental. My jesteśmy ludźmi, Wy jesteście ludźmi, Oni/one są ludźmi.


Thank you for your explanation; although I couldn't understand. But, thank you. Maybe in time I will understand it.


Well, the most important thing here is that 'My jesteśmy' as a translation of 'We are' has to be followed with a noun phrase in Instrumental. It's a safer bet to use this way, as it works in any sentence, unlike the 'to' way.


So "My to ludzie" is ok too?


Using the 'to' construction after a personal pronoun really seems too clunky.


No idea where to use "jesteśmy" and "jesteście", please help?


"jesteśmy" = (we) are

"jesteście" = (you plural) are


Same here thanks for the explanation. Dziękuję :)


Why ludźmi and not ludziami (which I see in my dictionary for the instrumental case for ludzie)?


Which dictionary do you use?


Is this an exception? I would expect it to be as that person says


I tried to find a rule, but after half an hour I gave up :D

Here are all the exceptions for the plural instrumental ending I could find:

Only -mi allowed:

nić, gość, kość, brat, koń, człowiek (pl: ludzie), pieniądz, liść, dziecko, dłoń, przyjaciel, książę

Both -mi and -iami possible:

gęś, gałąź, gwóźdź, skroń, sanie (pl only)

Also, there is an archaic -y ending, which is only used in a few fixed expressions:

przed laty, innymi słowy, dawnymi czasy


I need a link for nomitive accusitive and instrumental, because the way this stuff is explained to me is only getting me frustrated. I'm feeling really dumb here.


All 3 answers are rejected by the app -> App error/bug


What were the answers? It's possible that there were two right answers and then you need to check them both, not just one: "My jesteśmy ludźmi" and "Jesteśmy ludźmi". If you check just one, that's a wrong answer.


Why not 'jesteśmy ludźmi'


It's a perfect answer.


I've been using http://online-polish-dictionary.com because I find the Grammar tab extremely helpful. Is there a better option?


"Jesteśmy osobami" wasn't accepted. Is this correct or not?


It means "We are persons" and I think that both the English and the Polish are pretty unusual things to say.

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