"Mała dziewczynka je małe jabłko."

Translation:A little girl is eating a small apple.

June 14, 2016

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mały and małe sound the same to me :/


For mały it's somewhere between sound "i", like in english "me", and sound ''e'' like in english ''bet''. While ''małe'' is without that ''i''. At least I think so.


"małe" could be exactly the 'e' in 'bet'.

'y' isn't really present in English.


It's closest to the "i" in the word "it", though.


Yeah, they do to many learners... not to a Polish person, though :|


Small and little are same hu?


Yes, rather the same.


Isn't jabłko masculine, then it should be mały?


No, it is neuter. If you see a noun ending with -o, you are safe to assume it's neuter.


That's extremely helpful


Its not translating this sentence into english. I assune its "The small girl eats small apples." also if the noun is neuter the ending is małe?


Almost: "The small girl eats a small apple".

Yes, apple is neuter, so the adjective ends with -e and it's "małe" here.


Now why in the world would I associate the -e termination with masculine and the -y termination with neuter instead of the other way around? This happened to me with smaczne jabłko too. I come from Babbel's course over a year ago and that's what I remember, but I can't remember why. Does anyone has a clue about this confusion?


I don't know why you associate it like that, but for adjectives it's undoubtedly -e for neuter ones and -y for masculine ones.


She pronounces "małe" like "małe". Is the e sound always pronounced like a?


You wrote the same word twice ;)

Well... e is e, a is a... it depends on what you mean, and in English the letter "a" has multiple ways of being pronounced, unlike Polish, which is consistent. We could say that Polish "e" is more or less like the first sound of "apple".

The word "małe" has two vowels that are definitely different.


I heard (or at least thought I heard) "mała dziewczynka i małe jabłko", and since not all answers here are complete sentences I thought it was probably correct. That has been a problem for me, hearing the difference between "i" and "je" in a full-speed stream of words that maybe aren't enunciated well enough for me to catch the difference. Any suggestions?


Hmm... Nothing more than practice and listening to more Polish, I guess. I can imagine that they could sound a bit similar to a learner sometimes, but generally that should be a clear enough difference.


Feminine Dziewczynka takes "małA" and Neutral for Apple takes "MalE".


it didn't say ta so why would it be the?


"ta" is a translation of "this", not "the".

"the" could be 'interpreted' as "ta" (as often "the" is more like "this"), but it's not a translation.

"A little girl" and "The little girl" are the same from the point of view of Polish.


Isn't 'mała dziewczynka' 'the little little girl'? Wouldn't you rather use either 'mała dziewczyna' or 'dziewczynka'


"mała dziewczynka". "mała dziewczyna" sounds quite strange.


I also was confused with the "little little girl". So "dziewczynka" translates only to a young girl and not to a girl who is petite in size?


I think a young, but adult woman who is just 'petite' could take offense in being called "dziewczynka".

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