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"Mała dziewczynka je małe jabłko."

Translation:A little girl is eating a small apple.

June 14, 2016



Isn't jabłko masculine, then it should be mały?


No, it is neuter. If you see a noun ending with -o, you are safe to assume it's neuter.


That's extremely helpful


Its not translating this sentence into english. I assune its "The small girl eats small apples." also if the noun is neuter the ending is małe?


Almost: "The small girl eats a small apple".

Yes, apple is neuter, so the adjective ends with -e and it's "małe" here.


Now why in the world would I associate the -e termination with masculine and the -y termination with neuter instead of the other way around? This happened to me with smaczne jabłko too. I come from Babbel's course over a year ago and that's what I remember, but I can't remember why. Does anyone has a clue about this confusion?


I don't know why you associate it like that, but for adjectives it's undoubtedly -e for neuter ones and -y for masculine ones.

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