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  5. "An caisleán."

"An caisleán."

Translation:The castle.

June 14, 2016



I wish Duolingo had an option where you could choose which pronunciation of what dialect in Irish you want to here. If only they had Munster since that's what I'm learning in school ;(


As a New Zealander and as an elderly person with far from perfect hearing, I find it exceedingly difficult to work out exactly which sounds the speaker is saying. I hear something like "an kyushlan". The occasional phonetic transcript would help greatly.


You can generate an IPA transcription for any word in each of the major dialects at www.abair.ie


So many of the audio clips make me wonder what mad hybrid of CO and Ulster dialect I got in school.


There is no "pure" Irish - even within the 3 regions that we usually break the dialects down into there are significant variations. For instance, the new speaker speaks a version of Connacht Irish, but in some cases she uses Connacht terminology, and in other cases she reads the written text with a "learned" pronunciation, because that particular term might not have been familiar to her.


i am so confused with the pronunciation


Basic Irish pronunciation is reasonably straightforward once you learn that, Irish, like French, and Italian and Spanish, doesn't use the same rules that English does for pronouncing things (that's what a Frenchman doesn't pronounce Paris the same way that English speakers do).

This video might help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIokUII7LX0


I don't think it's the basic pronunciation that throws people off, it's the inconsistency Duo introduces by using different dialects on different examples.

Good video though, I'm saving that!


All of the audio clips in the Irish exercises on Duolingo use a single speaker, and she is quite consistent in her dialect.


i'm typing what I think I'm hearing and Duolingo keeps telling me I'm typing in English, probably because "an" is also a word in English. The pronunciation sounds to me like "An cuislear". I'm sure it's perfert for some dialect, but it's nothing like the way I was thought caisleán in school!

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