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  5. "Ga i basio'r halen?"

"Ga i basio'r halen?"

Translation:May I pass the salt?

June 14, 2016



Would you really use this phrase? I think it would be more likely to hear "Can you pass the salt?" The only situation I can think of that you would ask "May I pass the salt?" is if you were asking for clarification on what was just said.

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It's not a very good sentence and was deleted. To get the latest version of the course you need to either delete your browsing history, or install a browser you haven't used before, such as 'Vivaldi', or download the latest version of the mobile app, depending on your platform.

We replaced this sentence with a much more appropriate one 'Wnei di basio'r halen, plîs?' = 'Will you pass the salt, please?


Thank you for your help.


I understand that “si”makes an English “sh” sound but is that even the case here where the “io” seems to be added onto “pas” from English “pass”?


No, not usually. Perhaps in some dialects.

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