"Odada küçük bir baykuş var."

Translation:There is a small owl in the room.

June 14, 2016

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"In the room there is a small owl" should also be accepted shouldn't it?


It definitely should.


Can someone clarify why "There is an owl in the small room" is wrong?


"There is an owl in the small room" = "Küçük odada bir baykuş var."

  • Küçük bir baykuş = A small owl
  • Bir baykuş = An owl
  • Küçük oda = The small room / Küçük odada = At the small room
  • Oda = The room / Odada = at the room


So it's just the placement of küçük? Does that mean that attributive adjectives don't change to match the case/number of the nouns they modify? And is there a difference between küçük bir baykuş and bir küçük baykuş?


Yes, it's like in English. A noun which you place an adjective its near takes that adjective's meaning. And, yes. They don't change:

  • Küçük baykuş = The small owl
  • küçük bir baykuş = A small owl
  • Küçük baykuşlar = Small owls / The small owls

Also, "bir küçük baykuş" is incorrect. Adjectives come before a "bir".


Okay, thanks.

I still have one question, though. You said bir küçük baykuş means "a small owl", but that bir küçük baykuş is incorrect. Can you clarify that?


Yes, it is still incorrect. I think I typed so because you typed the same. My bad, sorry. Fixed that :) "kucuk bir baykus" is correct.


Why is "A small owl is in the room" incorrect?


I think because that would be Kücük bir baykus odada (sorry I don't have the right keyboard). The var indicates existence ("there is") rather than simply present tense.


Why is bir required in this sentence


Odamda = In my room


Oda: room; odam: my room.


What about "Kuçuk bir baycuş odada"?


• There is a small owl in the room. → Odada küçük bir baykuş var.

• A small owl is in the room. → Küçük bir baykuş odada.

Although, they have similar meanings, they are two seperate sentences.

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