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"Thức ăn của mẹ tôi thường xuyên rất ngon."

Translation:The food of my mom is usually very delicious.

June 14, 2016



It sounds more natural in English to say "My mom's cooking..." instead of "The food of my mom...".


"The food of my mom" just sounds like matriarchal cannibalism. "My mother's food", or "My mother's cooking" would be used by English speakers.


22/2/2021 - And here it is, the classic example of why learing VN on DL is so difficult, not only do you have to teach yourself a new language, you also have to teach yourself your own native language incorrectly! So twice the work!!!


"My mother's food" is rejected as wrong. And "usually is" is wrong but "is usually" is right. GEEZ DL, get a grip!!


what is the different between mum and mom?


Nothing. "Mum" is much more British, though.


Mum is used by Brits, Australians and New Zealanders (I also hear Canadians alternate between this and mom). Mom is mostly American.


in one of the question, when you answer it using this word 'mum' it says wrong


Just use "mother". It's always accepted.


"thức ăn của mẹ tôi thường xuyên rất ngon" means that her food is very often delicious but might sometimes be so-so. on the other hand, "thức ăn của mẹ tôi thường rất ngon" means that her food is very good on a regular basis.

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