"Megan, dych chi wedi mynd?"

Translation:Megan, have you gone?

June 14, 2016

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I am probably having a senior moment but would you really say to someone 'Megan, have you gone?' when clearly thay can't have gone anywhere as they must be in front of you?


I tried answering "Megan, did you go?" and it was graded as incorrect. Can someone please explain why this isn't considered equivalent? Is it because "go" is considered present tense, even though the "did" in the sentence makes it past tense?


This tense - the perfect - has the English form 'have/has gone' rather than 'did go', which is in the simple past tense.

  • Mae Megan wedi mynd - Megan has gone
  • Aeth Megan - Megan went/did go


I was confused... seems odd to learn a present perfect tense before a past simple... (so thanks ibisc for making it clear - past simple is more complex conjugation, which now makes sense) and Elaine Maul I think it would make more sense with the rest of the sentence aka Have you gone (been in English) to France etc


Okay ... I just moved the name to the end because that's the way I would say it "Have you gone, Megan?" No dice.

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