"W piątek ugotowałam zupę."

Translation:On Friday I cooked the soup.

June 14, 2016

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Better have been barszcz...


What's wrong with saying "made" soup instead of "cooked"? I know one word is more specific than the other though I personally use the two versions interchangeably in English.


We've started accepting "make" some time ago in some sentences, so I guess we need to accept it here as well. Added.

We can also say and it will also be very natural to use "zrobiłem/zrobiłam" in Polish.


For some reason we don't normally say "cooked soup" in the UK. It would be "made soup". We only use "cook" for certain kinds of food and for meals.


I've noticed in this unit, in all of the English translations, that the 'time' that something happens is placed at the beginning of the sentences like it usually is in Polish, and though this is not incorrect, it is much more usual in English to place this adverb at the end of sentences: I cooked the soup on Friday.


Does this mean that the soup was cooked last friday, or that it will be this coming friday. The translation is a bit ambiguous...


Both the sentences have past tense. It may not necessarily be 'last Friday' (although it's the most probable option), it may be some Friday 13 years ago, but definitely not this coming Friday.


Why is "Friday I cooked soup" wrong. It has the same meaning as "On Friday I cooked soup"

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