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"Search" on discussion does not seem to work

I'm trying to use the "search" box on the general discussion page, and always get "0 results".

Is it just me?

January 29, 2014



You can only search the names of discussions, not names, if this was what you were trying to do.


After not getting anything for the terms I was looking for, I even got zero results for some terms I assume must appear in many discussions, such as "Duolingo", "English" or "Spanish".


Can you tell me what browser you're using?


Chrome v.32 on windows 7


I was getting the same as Shmulik in Chrome and it appears to be caused by the mixed content (secure + insecure) on the search page when it shows results. To see the search results I needed to click on the grey shield icon at the right of the address bar then choose "load unsafe script". Note that the shield only appears after you've typed something in the search field. Once that's done the "https" part of the address line is crossed out indicating that the security for that page has been bypassed and the results should now appear. Hopefully that will work for others as well - at least it worked for me !

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