"Are you going to Cardigan Monday?"

Translation:Dych chi'n mynd i Aberteifi dydd Llun?

June 14, 2016



I hate the American trend to leave out prepositions like "on" and "to". Can't we speak normally here? Phrases like "Cardigan Monday" sound extremely grating and bad English. ... Unless Cardigan Monday is the name of an event where we all get to dress up in our warmest cardi's?

June 14, 2016

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On Monday (and on any other day) is accepted in this exercise and all other similar exercises as an alternative answer.

The preposition has been deliberately left out in the early part of the course in order to avoid the complications of 'soft mutation' associated with it.

Later on you will come across forms like 'ar ddydd.......' and 'ddydd...' which both mean 'on........day'

eg 'ar ddydd Llun' and 'ddydd Llun' = 'on Monday'

June 15, 2016
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