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  5. "It is your moment."

"It is your moment."

Translation:To twoja chwila.

June 15, 2016



could it be correct to say "To jest" instead of just "To"


Like, To jest twoją chwilę ?


No, "To jest twoja chwila". It's not the right place to use Accusative.


Is there a difference between "moment" and "chwila" in Polish? ("To jest twój moment" is an accepted answer.)


In my opinion, a better translation would be "To jest twój moment", because it uses the same origin ofthe words. If I were to say what the difference is, I would say the "chwila" is a bit longer than "moment", but I feel it more than I know.


Well, the 'translation' is rather the English sentence, as we teach Polish here ;) Sure, "moment" is another natural Polish word here, but then what other English translation should we use for "chwila"?


It seems to me that if we translate word "moment" from English into Polish, then both "chwila" and "moment" should be accepted. Whereas from Polish we translate both words as "moment". Thank you


That is correct, that is what we do.


Is "Jest twoją chwilą." correct as well?


No, "This is Y" sentence needs a "To jest Y" construction.


I just don't get what "it is your moment" is supposed to mean? I get what the words mean, but how is it normally used in Polish? Do I slap my son/daughter on the back as she walks out onto the X Factor stage and shout "it is your moment!"? Or is it a more mundane translation like "it is your turn (moment) to choose what we watch"?


You can definitely say that to encourage someone, but also moment to say what you think. "This is the moment when everyone will pay attention to you, will listen to you". Now you can win!

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