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  5. "We like to dance."

"We like to dance."

Translation:Ми любимо танцювати.

June 15, 2016



Is there a resource for the rules regarding conjugation of verbs?

[deactivated user]

    Try this: http://www.slovnyk.ua/

    I haven't used it myself, but it seems to return forms for танцювати 'to dance' correctly. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to mark stress.

    After you search a verb, you'll get its form in the present (теперішній час), future (майбутній час) and past tense (минулий час). Verbs change depending on the number (однина = singular, множина = plural); in the present tense according to the person (1 особа = 1st person, я/ми I/we; 2 особа = 2nd person = ти/ви 'you', 3 особа = 3rd person = він/ вона/ воно/ вони 'he/ she/ they/ it'), and in the past tense according to the gender (чоловічий рід = masculine, жіночій рід = feminine, середній рід = neuter).

    There're also imperative forms (наказовий способ) and verbal participles (дієприслівник).

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