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In the new web design i could not find an option for vocabulary

4 years ago


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"One thing I’m sure some of you will miss is the vocabulary page. After a lot of testing, we found that in its current form it wasn’t helping you learn a language faster or stick with the language you are learning longer. Instead, it complicated our system by adding another layer of information that wasn’t well integrated. We went one layer up and instead of "word strength" you’ll now see "skill strength" in a lot of places.

That being said, I can guarantee you that in our efforts to bring all of you the best learning experience, we haven’t seen the last of the vocabulary page. We still believe that learning a language largely depends on having a huge vocabulary, and once we come up with a good way to integrate it across all platforms it will come back."

That's what they said about it.

4 years ago


I can not find it either :(

4 years ago


It's coming back, but I don't know when. For now I just define the words I don't know well in a document on my computer.

4 years ago