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  5. "Czy masz rodzeństwo?"

"Czy masz rodzeństwo?"

Translation:Do you have siblings?

June 15, 2016



Rodzeństwo - sibling or siblings? Dlaczego sibling to jest błąd?


"Rodzeństwo" może znaczyć zarówno "sibling" jak i "siblings", chociaż chyba częściej będzie to "siblings". Technicznie rzecz biorąc mój brat to moje rodzeństwo, ale o wiele prościej powiedzieć po prostu "mój brat"...

"Sibling" jest akceptowane.

"Rodzeństwo" may mean both "sibling" and "siblings", but usually it will rather be "siblings". Technically speaking, my brother is "moje rodzeństwo", but simply saying "mój brat" is a lot easier...

"Sibling" is accepted.


Hmm, you used an interesting construction 'może znaczyć zarówno A jak i B.' Is it always divided like this or can one say, 'może znaczyć A zarówno jak i B'?


Dzi- also. As in Dzień dobry


Neither "dż" nor "dzi" sounds like English "j".


I'm sure a book I read likened dż and dzi to the j in jeans? Could be bad memory on my part, but what would you compare the sound to if that's the case?


It's simplification. English "j" sounds like something in-between Polish "dż"and "dź". Both of them are clearly different sounds. You can read this post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/14885626


I agree. Compare the sound of dz in rodzeństwo and dziadek - in the first case they are pronounced separately but in the second they are pronounced together and make a sound which is approximately English "j".


I thought that when you see a 'd' and a 'z' together it makes an English 'j' sound, is this not the case with this word?


You mean DŻ, not DZ. "dz" is roughly the last sound of "woods".


That's it, 'DŻ'. My mistake, thanks marek and michał

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