"Maen nhw cynddrwg."

Translation:They are so bad.

June 15, 2016

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Is this 'They are sooooooo bad.' as in really bad, or has it to be in the context of making a comparison?


There is no comparison in that sentence:

  • Maen nhw cynddrwg. - They are so naughty. (statement)
  • Maen nhw cynddrwg รข Geraint. - They are as naughty as Geraint. (comparison)


Could this also be used in the emphatic or would that look odd to a native speaker?

Ie. Cynddrwg ydyn nhw!

From an English speaker's mind this almost feels as though it should be an emphatic statement, but that might not translate so much as expected.


Should it be cyn ddrwg? The other sentence had the "cyn" separated and I looked up cynddrwg as one word in the ap geiriaduron and it's not there


This should be explained in the notes for the section 'Comparing1' - the notes have been updated over the past few days to reinforce it.

In the case of cyn lleied, yes, the two words do remain separate. With cystal, cynddrwg, cymaint, however, the cyn element has become embedded.

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