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  5. "Det har været en lang nat."

"Det har været en lang nat."

Translation:It has been a long night.

June 15, 2016



And I've been working like a dog...


Can a rule for pronouncing Danish <a> be generalised as follows?

<a> is pronounced [æ] or [ɛ] unless it is before [ŋ], in which case it represents [ɑ].

Apparently, according to Wikipedia, there is an ongoing vowel shift in Danish, and the vowel system is unstable, which may add to the confusion, with many pairs of formerly distinct vowels merging...

NB for those not familiar with linguistic notation -- < > denotes orthography, the way things are written; [ ] denotes phonetic transcription, a representation of how things sound. Audio clips for each of the IPA symbols used above can be found with the help of Google and Wikipedia.


I dont know frank. Danish vowels are not only hard to pronounce. It depends which side of the kategut you are on! For such a small population they have a bery non homogenous language! I am so surprised at danish's simpleness and yet so complex! - and I speak fluent german


Uden dig ven...


Men jeg vil fortælle alt om det

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