"I eat beef, he eats pork."

Translation:Io mangio il manzo, lui mangia il maiale.

January 29, 2013

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what is wrong with 'mangio manzo, mangia maiale' ? the original sentence does not contain the definite article (the)...


"Mangio manzo, mangia maiale" was my guess, but duolingo wants me to use "lui mangia". I disagree using only 'lui' is necessary, its either 'io' and 'him' to stress who's eating what, or none at all. Does this make any sense?


Saying only "mangia" leave the possibility for both "He eats" or "she eats" where as "mangio" MUST mean "I eat". Hope that clears up any confusion.


Of course it can be lei or lui, nevertheless actor is optional in italian (alwyas was in previous examples)


maiale = Pig

carne di maiale = meat of pig = Pork.

So shouldn't "lui mangia il carne di maiale" also be correct?

Or am I incorrect? :)


"Il carne di maiale" is wrong: carne is feminine, so "la carne". That being said, with this little context both are acceptable; you can say maiale to refer to both the animal and its meat.


pkwatz: "Lui mangia carne i maiale" - was accepted as correct. Note: no "il".


Probably because "i" is thought to be a mistyped "di" in the sentence. Carne (d)i maiale. However, stating the wrong gender of a noun will not be accepted.


...but porco = pork is what've been taught. Won't accept it :(.


Porco is never used to refer to the meat (at least that I'm aware of); it isn't even all that common to refer to the animal, because it's considered somewhat impolite.


One does not wish to be impolite to a pig.


Thanks, I'll just have to re-learn that :)! (and I have to admit, maiale sounds more badass than porco)


Isn't porcine (or something) somewhere along these lines? Isn't there one word to say pork, like manzo = beef, or fish = pesce, pollo = chicken?


What's wrong with maiale = pork? :P A pork cutlet is simply "cotoletta di maiale". Porcine would be "suino", it's common on labels but pretty rare in the spoken language; be careful not to confuse it with the similar "porcino", which is a variety of fungi (also "penny bun" or "cep" in English).

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