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Is Portuguese Worth Learning?

I've heard some websites say that it is the sixth most commonly spoken language in the world, but other languages like Spanish and German seem much more popular. What's your opinion on Portuguese?

January 29, 2013



Depends, I think. I learnt Italian for my interest in art. French as part of any cultured person's repertoire. German because it is a cultural continent in itself. Catalan as a duty to one of my countries. English for obvious reasons. Dutch because my interest in the Dutch Theologians. Swedish because my interest in Swedish law. Portuguese -first- because my interest at the time (I was fifteen) in Liberation Theology; then I perfected my Portuguese because my interest in the political theory of monarchy and the roll that the Brazilian monarchy played in the abolition of slavery. Spanish is.. well, my mother tongue. Whereas at university I had to learn (a fortiori) Hebrew and Alexandrian Greek. I want to learn Irish because I have had woooonderful experiences with Irish people. I want to perfect my Latin because a stupid feeling tells me that I have to master it (?). Finally I want to learn Allemanish (from Zurich) because a very dear to me uncle of mine has it as his mother tongue. So, as you see, the answer to your question is very subjective.. or rather very objective AND RELATIVE.

Or maybe I am wrong. Who knows?


Well basically, every language is worth learning and you cannot rank languages based on the amount of speakers. Learning Mandarin Chinese is as good as let's say learning Hawaiian. So, if you are interested in Portuguese, why not? Nothing bad comes out of knowing a language!


Yep... it rly depends on your need... brazil's economy is growing fast as never before and i see many ppl from other countries are intrested in learning portuguese, as it is used in other countries too. If you learn any language you might find it useful later in life and if you learn poruguese it will make easier to learn italian, french and spanish, other very important languages!


I'm relearning Portuguese (use to be fluent when i was younger), but I'm learning because I want to, not because I need to. To me it's a beautiful unique language, more so than Spanish.


One of the most annoying things about learning a language is that someone always says that it's not as important as another. I can't tell you the number of times people have questioned me on learning any language as a second language other than Spanish (my second language is French, by the way). Any language is a good language to learn. Language learning can open up doors far past just knowing how to say words in a different way. I'm very interested in Latin (Yes, the tongue of the Classical Roman Empire) and French, and both of these languages have helped me understand the language structure of English. Learning any language can open your eyes to a plethora of topics from culture to the way your native language works, believe it or not. If you want to learn Portuguese, then learn it. For the millions of people who speak Spanish or German, there could be one Portuguese speaking individual who could open up a door for you because of a God-destined encounter that may not have been possible had you not known Portuguese. Plus, knowing any language can break you in to understanding any language you may want to learn afterwards. It kind of wires your brain to see language in a variety of scopes now that you know TWO languages, versus knowing just one language and language structure.



I would say absolutely if you see yourself working or traveling in Latin America in the future. In Argentina I could absolutely sense a growing interest and growing importance of Portuguese there. In South America there is a sense amongst Latin Americans with Brazil hosting both the World Cup and the Olympics that it is putting itself in a position to eventually become the region's leader. I personally find it a very interesting and cool language. Good luck!

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