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"Ydyn ni am gyrraedd mewn pryd?"

Translation:Are we going to arrive in time?

June 15, 2016



"Ydyn ni am gyrraedd"? This is the first time I come upon this construction (in a strengthening of Revision1) and I never saw any explanation of it anywhere that I can remember...


I understand that in English there's a difference between arriving "on time" and "in time" although they can be interchangeable under some circumstances. Is "mewn pryd" always meant to mean "in time" (as in - will we arrive in time to save the patient)? Is there a different way to say "on time" in Welsh?


on time - ar amser

in time - mewn pryd

www.gweiadur.com and www.geiriaduracademi.org are good for looking up this sort of thing.


So, am seems to be grammatically similar to eisiau (and isio) in that it is added as-is after the pronoun, without a connecting word in between. As such I assume it's not a proper verb but some kind of verbal noun. Having said that, it appears "bod am" is a verb. Interesting.


am is a preposition with several meanings depending on the context. For some examples, look it up in the on-line dictionary at www.gweiadur.com (you need to register, but it is free).

bod is a verb-noun - the basic dictionary form of a verb - meaning 'being/to be'.


Thanks! That makes a lot of sense! So it's "am gyrraedd", analogous to other preposition + verb constructions.

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