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New sentences/vocab?

Will thebe be new sentences and vocabulary anytime soon?

I'm getting kinda tired of seeing the same old sentences. I've seen "O mahalle de gelişti." like 50 times...

What about more skills? The grammar that's taught here is quite basic.

2 years ago


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I think they are working now. They were working on the English course for Turkish speakers at the last time I got news. They may be started for the Turkish course as well now. If they didn't, I would say they will soon.

2 years ago


If you feel the grammar is too basic for you, I'd suggest you to find other resources to improve your Turkish. Maybe you can come back once in a while to review some skills, but I think you're better off learning in other ways now.

The Turkish team was also talking about a Tree 2.0 a while ago (although I'm not sure because it's a long time ago?), but that'll not be for the near future.

2 years ago