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"Wahrscheinlich weiß es inzwischen jeder."

Translation:By now probably everyone knows.

January 29, 2013



"Probably knows it by now everyone." The word order is what adds the special challenge. But someday my mind will work like a German's. And then I will be invincible.


can anyone simply explain this weird word order ? thanks in advance :)


Seriously I'm confused as to why "jeder" is in the end.


Jeder is the subject of this sentence. You can otherwise say it: Jeder weiss es wahrscheinlich inzwischen. The given translation emphasizes that it is probable and my translation emphasizes that everyone knows. Hope that helps.


"probably by now everyone knows it" Incorrect?!


I'm quite confused with this sentence, how 'wieS' es becomes 'everyone knows'?


weiß/wissen = to know. jeder = everyone.


and 'es'? why is 'es' needed in this sentence. And if jeder is the subject why is not wissen?


'es' is the object: Everybody knows it. It is needed, because to know/wissen always refers to something you do actually know. Ex: - You smell! - I know. There, knowing refers to the fact stated in the first sentence. Any indefinite group, like jeder, alle, keiner, etc. need third person masculine singular, wissen is nominative.


Just to further clarify, since "es" can also be third person singular nominative and so could be interpreted as the subject (before you reach the last word), there are two reasons why seeing it that way won't make sense:

  1. If "es" is the subject then "jeder" would have to be in the accusative, which it is not.

  2. More importantly though (and why a native wouldn't stumble when they got to the last word) "weiß es" is a common enough phrase in which "es" is always the object. The native speaker would be expecting a subject. If he got to the end and say something in the accusative, he'd probably need to reread.

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EXCEPT I put probably by now everyone knows it, and that was marked wrong, because IT was disallowed. Should that be reported? I'm confused on that issue too: what to report and what to discuss.


Vielen Dank für die Erklärung.


Now is all clear, thanks a lot


'By now probably everyone knows that' - incorrect. What the??

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Es=it, das=that and Duo is merciless on this issue.


Could someone explain to me why jeder is not capitalized here? I thought that because it refers to everyone (a noun) it would be. Thanks.


It is a pronoun, not a noun, in both English and German.


and is there any different easier wrd order ?


This is a weird one.


What a weird word order!! Motivation killer...

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