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What is the mentioned skill?

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In the (i)dik skill we can read under "The Object Participle as an Adjective" the following: "This participle can be used to describe things as a relative clause when they are not the subject of that relative clause. The participle used for relatives clauses in which the reference noun is the subject will be described later in the tree."

What skill is actually mentioned there? There is nothing like this in the tree.

2 years ago

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That would be the Relative Pronouns (-en/-an), I'm guessing.

(i) Adam İngilizce konuşuyor. (ii) Adamı görüyorum.

If the main sentence is (i): Gördüğüm adam İngilizce konuşuyor. (Adam = object of 'gör')

If the main sentence is (ii): İngilizce konuşan adamı görüyorum. (Adam = subject of 'konuş')

2 years ago