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7 jours sur la planète, a Duolingo/TV5 collaboration opportunity?

For those learning French, I find the site 7 jours sur la planète (http://www.tv5.org/TV5Site/7-jours/) , like Duolingo, a useful learning adjunct (there is also a free iphone app – the exercises in the app are not the same as the web site though).

I don’t know if it would appeal to the parties involved, but it occurred to me that there might be a collaborative opportunity there.

Duolingo doesn’t have a Current Events translation category, and the news stories/exercises on the TV5 are only in French.

The news stories and exercises on 7-jours are also graded to align with French language education levels, and the Duolingo translation documents are highly variable with respect to the level of French.

Just a thought…

January 29, 2013


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