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"Mia patrino estas la edzino de mia patro."

Translation:My mother is the wife of my father.

June 15, 2016



I read it wrong the fist time like this " My mother is the cousin of my father" and there I realiced that i was wrong hahahaha.


How about, my father's wife is my mother?


Ne, mia patrino ne estas la edzino de mia patro!!!


That makes me wonder, how do you say "step-"? (stepmother, stepsister) Unless that's in a later lesson


Vic- is what my dictionary says. Duon- is also an option but not as common.

See my note below if you can.


I don't know if your question (if it is a question) is about the original sentence (usually in Esperanto) or the translation (English) but my answer is more or less the same. The translation follows the structure of the original here.

I assume that the sentence is said in a culture that forbids polygamy, so the “patro” is allowed only one “edzino,” which therefore is “la edzino.” Since Esperanto does not have a saxon genitive (my father's wife) the article must be mentioned, just like in the English default translation (the wife of my father).

Disclaimer: The same situation would apply to the combination polyandry / father / husband / mother. I did not make the exercise.


Man, the strigo's one of the lucky half.

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