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  5. "Estas son mis lágrimas."

"Estas son mis lágrimas."

Translation:These are my tears.

June 16, 2016



Cry me a river.


Build a bridge, and get over it!


Take this straw, and suck it up.


Me llora un río.


Lol. Is that how this is used?


"I keep them in this here jar"


Duo's going through its emo phase. . . .


"What are they?" "Oh, these? These are my tears."


You never know what you're going to see in the comments... Love it.


I was presented with this right after "Ella me puse la mano en el hombra" which translated to "She put her hand on my shoulder," which confused the bejeezus out of me because I didn't know that we can't use personal possessive pronouns ("Ella me puse su mano en mi hombra" would be wrong) for body parts. And I had just started to accept that crazy rule, too, when they presented me with this.

Now I have to wonder about things like: "Aren't tears just as much of a personal body part as our eyes?" I realize they are not technically a body part, but they are definitely "attached" to a set of eyes... mine. I would have guessed the same rule applied, but here they are using the personal possessive adjective to refer to tears. Sigh.

Can a native speaker comment on this?


The same rule can apply for the tears, too. But in the given sentence there is no other indication whose tears they are, so the possessive needs to be used.


Why not "These are my teardrops?"


Sounds like a country song to me


Similar to the English ''Lachrymose" (pronounced LAH-kruh-mohs), which means tearful or weepy :)


Like the lake in A Series of Unfortunate Events ;)


That's always what I think of! Poor Aunt Josephine.


Handle them with care. Duo occasionally waxes poetically...


it sounds like they saved their tears........


Hope I never have to use this one..


I pray thee, place them elsewhere!


When you don't get into dank doodle memes


Borat: "Thank you very much, gypsy. Dzięki!"


después de la cuenta


These are my tears. Please, take them.


in order to improve my listen skills i look away from the screen and get in the habit of typing what i hear in english, then i get one of these and get it wrong because i was supposed to type it in spanish !It gets annoying!


Hahaha! love the comments guys! I never knew the word for "tears" until now. Hope I never have to use it!!! ;)


Hey, everybody! Try to make an original script out of the sentence 'These are my tears.' It needs to be your own characters and script. I'm also going to make one.


Joe: Falls off the four steps Mary, take this, please. Gives her a bottle

Mary: Takes bottle Oh, Joe! You only fell off four steps! Just get up! Stares at bottle What's inside this?

Joe: These are my tears.

Mary left Joe on the floor and !saw Tim

Mary: Hi, Tim!

Tim: Hi!

Mary starts walking with Tim and they start having a conversation, Mary laughs

Joe: Mary! Why did you leave me here? This is weird! Why would you hang out with him! You betrayed me!

Joe gets up

Joe:I'm going to find another way to make Mary my friend again.

Walks in the opposite direction of where Mary and Tim are going


I am puzzled why a possessive adjective is used here when other parts of the body use the definitive article? In other words, why not * las lágrimas rather than mis lágrimas*?


I am puzzled why the possessive article is used here rather than the definite article for a part of my body? In other words why not las lágrimas rather than mis lágrimas?


You have to have at least one word in the sentence that hints at the owner of those tears. Save for the possessive, there is no other word.

You usually leave out the possessive if you deal with a verb like tener or any verb that uses an object to indicate the person it applies to:

  • Tengo algo en el ojo. - I have something in my eye.
  • Me duele la cabeza. - My head hurts. (lit. "The head hurts me".)
  • ¿Puedes atarme los zapatos? - Can you tie my shoes? (lit. "Can you tie me the shoes?")


tus lagrimas son deliciosas (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)


Reading this made me soil myself.

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