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  5. "Tôi nghĩ nó không hay."

"Tôi nghĩ không hay."

Translation:I think it is not interesting.

June 16, 2016



I think "i think that is not interesting" should be accepted.


I think it is uninteresting.


I have yet to find a translation for interesting=hay... The most popular seems hấp dẫn=interesting


Google translate gives hay=good, an English word with very broad usage. In translating it is good to use standard accepted equivalents if they work but they don't always work. "Interesting" seems a bit too narrow to cover "hay" in every case but it might work sometimes.


Would "thú vị" translate to interesting?


I think so. See Glosbe Vietnamese-English Dictionary:

thú vịenjoyable, adjective

I.e. Tôi đạp xe vì kinh nghiệm được ở cạnh bên bà thật là tuyệt diệu và thú vị. – I go because the experience of being with her is sweet and enjoyable.

interesting, arousing or holding the attention, adjective, noun (tính từ , động từ)

I.e. Tôi ghé qua hiệu sách và mua một cuốn sách thú vị. – I dropped by the bookstore and bought an interesting book.

agreeably, adverb

And also: pleasant · delightful · entertaining · lovely · nicely · charmingly · delectable · delightfully · delightsome · diverting · jolly · merry · nice · pleasing · pleasurable · pretty · relish · rorty · welcome · exciting


English speakers would more likely say "I do not think it is interesting." or "It is not interesting to me." or I do not find any interest in it."


If there is "is" in sentence, so where is the "la"?


"Interesting" is not a noun, so "là" isn't used.


I think it is not interesting. is the anwser i put i think it isn't well but... it said I think it isn't cool. why is that

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