"Hva hører du?"

Translation:What do you hear?

June 16, 2016



...followed by "let's split up, we'll cover more ground"


Can it be used as in "What are you listening to?"?


No, that would be "Hva hører/lytter du på?".


I don't think so... When you are "listening to" something, I think it is on porpouse, like a music for exemple. When you are "hearing" something, I think it is ramdom.


I wonder why it was wrong t say "What hear you?" as odd as that may sound in English It makes perfect sense in Norwegian doesn't it?


Well, it is English, so it's not in Norwegian it has to make sense.


What does "hører du" literally translate to? Is it literally "Do you hear?". Takk


It directly translates to "Hear you?"


Is the word "horer" sounds like that always? or Is it sounds only in that sentence ?


The pronunciation here is quite representative, but as with any other word there's room for variation.

If you find yourself unable to type the Norwegian character, you can substitute "oe" for "ø" to avoid confusion. "Horer" means something very different.


it said my answer is wrong when i wrote "What did you hear" what says it`s a past tense!


The Norwegian sentence is in the present tense.

The translation of your proposed sentence would be "Hva hørte du?"


Remember the r at the end is present tense


Is the "r" sound in horer rolled, or is it more like a "d"? It's hard to tell with the audio. Thanks!

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    In Hva hører du?, the first r is single rolled (alveolar flap "ɾ") and the second one is the retroflex r (retroflex approximant "ɻ") because it comes before the letter d (this also happens when r comes before t, s, n and l) which also transforms into the voiced retroflex stop "ɖ" to ease the pronunciation.

    Click here to find out more about flaps and approximants.

    P.S. Please use the appropriate letter ( ø ) to avoid sounding inappropriate.


    I hear "horerdu du" why?

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      Yeah, the sounds are a little bit mashed together because of the second r (retroflex approximant "ɻ"). Type the same sentence into Google Translate and it will sound clearer.

      P.S. Please use the appropriate letter ( ø ) to avoid sounding inappropriate.


      Do 'what are you hearing?' and 'what do you hear?' have the same meaning in norwegian?

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        In Norwegian, there is only one present tense (Present Simple and Present Continuous as such don't exist). The English translation will depend on the context and adverbs.

        Hva hører du nå? can be translated by using Present Continuous ("What are you hearing now?") because means "now" and, in English, this tense describes what is happening right at this moment.


        Does anyone know the english phonetic way to say "Hører" i cant seem to pronounce it according to Duolingo

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          Correct IPA pronunciation is /høːɾəɾ/.

          Both r letters are single rolled and ø is a close-mid front protruded vowel. Follow this link, scroll down and click the speaker icon to hear this vowel being pronounced.

          The pronunciation in this sentence is a little bit different because the second r is the retroflex approximant "ɻ" due to appearing before d. To make the pronunciation of the following letter easier, r also pulls the d backwards so it becomes the voiced retroflex stop "ɖ" (otherwise, it sounds as the voiced alveolar stop "d").

          When corrected for this, the IPA pronunciation is /høːɾəɻ ɖʉː/

          Click here to hear our own shieldmaiden Deliciae pronouncing it on Forvo.


          mixed up with Norwegian and English alphabet

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            So you decided to learn a language without familiarising yourself with the letters it uses...

            That is bad practice but fortunately, I have just the right video for you.

            Quickly, click here before the train leaves the station and departs without you!


            I wrote what are you listening to, I know it's not exactly the same but what's the difference when you say them both?


            i think that would be "Hva hører du på"

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