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"These are my uncle and an aunt."

Translation:Це мої дядько і тітка.

June 16, 2016



Why does it have to be "мої," and "мій" is incorrect? "Це мій дядько з тіткою" ?


May be someone could point you to a rule, but intuitively the sentence gets a slightly different meaning when you change "мої," to "мій."

  • Це мої дядько і тітка. Both the uncle and the aunt are yours.
  • Це мій дядько і тітка. Its my uncle and some (maybe also yours) aunt. In general, I would understand that the aunt is also yours.
  • Це мій дядько з тіткою. Depending on the context, this could also meant that it is uncle's aunt and not yours. In general, it is like the second case.


These are not english. This is my aunt and uncle. I'm not sure if aunt and uncle is considered a singular unit, or if this refers to a singular uncle and the aunt is just piggybacking. "This is my aunt and uncle" is the idiomatic english construction.

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