"These are my uncle and an aunt."

Translation:Це мої дядько і тітка.

6/16/2016, 5:24:20 AM


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Why does it have to be "мої," and "мій" is incorrect? "Це мій дядько з тіткою" ?

6/16/2016, 5:24:20 AM

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May be someone could point you to a rule, but intuitively the sentence gets a slightly different meaning when you change "мої," to "мій."

  • Це мої дядько і тітка. Both the uncle and the aunt are yours.
  • Це мій дядько і тітка. Its my uncle and some (maybe also yours) aunt. In general, I would understand that the aunt is also yours.
  • Це мій дядько з тіткою. Depending on the context, this could also meant that it is uncle's aunt and not yours. In general, it is like the second case.
6/16/2016, 8:19:12 AM

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These are not english. This is my aunt and uncle. I'm not sure if aunt and uncle is considered a singular unit, or if this refers to a singular uncle and the aunt is just piggybacking. "This is my aunt and uncle" is the idiomatic english construction.

10/4/2018, 1:41:54 AM
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