"You are drinking milk."

Translation:Tu bois du lait.

January 29, 2013

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this is present continuous, so why is "tu es en train de boit du laite" wrong?


The english translation of that sentence is you are in the process of drinking milk and in english you wouldn't say that when someone is doing something. The same occurs in french you'll just say Tu bois du lait.


I don't understand one thing. One of the sentences before said "Je bois l'eau" (without "du"), but for this one it is "Tu bois du lait". Can anyone explain to me what's the difference? Why is water with the article definite but wine (which its also a liquid and a drink) isn't? Merci!


The difference is in the type of sentence. There's no rule for water with a different rule for wine that you have to memorise! "Je bois l'eau" means 'I am drinking the water' whereas 'tu bois du lait' uses the partitive article 'du' (de + le), which means roughly 'some' = 'you are drinking [some] milk'


What is the difference between 'tu' and 'vous'?.I am getting totally confused.


tu is 'you' singular - you're talking to one person

vous is 'you' plural - you're talking to more than one person

eg: you're talking to a friend: tu bois du coca

you're talking to lots of friends: vous buvez du coca


You can also use vous if you are talking to a stranger or a person you're not close to.


i dont understand - this is in the continuous present, but uses the same verb as simple present?

and this website should specify whether it's 'you' singular or plural

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