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  5. "Ich habe eigene Schuhe."

"Ich habe eigene Schuhe."

Translation:I have shoes of my own.

January 29, 2013



Whats wrong with saying " I have my own shoes"?


Howcome is "I have odd shoes" correct translation?


Probably because "eigen" can also mean "peculiar", e.g. "Er ist sehr eigen". I would never understand the "eigen" in this sentence to mean "odd" or "peculiar", though.


Whats wrong with I have my own shoes?


i feel i am so stupid to have many times wrong answer.........


If you had the right answer every time, you would not be learning anything new. Please don't ever call yourself stupid.

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no one is stupid, ever


Its not clutter when, you are doing it on mobile, most of the time and do not see the feed like the webpage shows. Think before you speak...BLPK! I was sincerely asking why was it wrong, and needing someone's help, so if can't speak nicely, then do not say anything.

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Sorry, I didn't know people were seeing different versions. In which case I don't see why DL tells me so often to avoid clutter, since very rarely is there clutter. In answer to your question, evidently, from the identical question I see right before yours, your answer should be counted correct.


My answer should be accepted


Did you accidently press the discussion button instead of the reporting flag? We can't see what your answer was.


What's wrong with 'i have my own'?


Your answer is fine. Press the Support button on the left of your screen. Give the German sentence and your translation. Ask them to add your translation to the list of acceptable translations. It will take awhile, weeks. In the meantime, try to remember the translation that works so you can make it through the session.

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