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Error in a "Tips and notes" part?


In the "Tips and notes" part of the lesson "Present tense 1", one can read :

"dw i ddim yn hoffi coffee - I don't like coffee

dych chi ddim yn hoffi coffee - you do not like coffee"

Is it normal? I would write "dw i ddim yn hoffi coffi" instead.

June 16, 2016



Well spotted - thank you, and a lingot. I have corrected my error, and I will now go and have a coffi!


 chroeso a diolch am ingotau!

I noted something else today. In the second lesson about present tense, two of the last examples are:

" *dych chi hoffi dŵr hefyd "

" dych chi hoffi cig, dw i'n hoffi cig hefyd "

I do not understand why it's not "dych chi'n hoffi dŵr hefyd" and "dych chi'n hoffi cig...".

Moreover, in linguistics, an asterisk before a word or a sentence marks an unattested but theoretically possible form. It's just a small detail, but it can be confusing for some.

I noted also an another (and smaller) detail: the sentence "Dw i ddim eisiau llysiau, diolch" is not in italic.

J'ai bien travaillé, I won the right to yfed coffi hefyd :-) .


The first asterisk was a mistake - it's all to do with how Duo uses asterisks at either end of phrases to make italics, and I missed one.

Second point - it is dych chi'n hoffi dŵr... (...now!)

Another lingot. Keep going, it is what the beta testing is for!

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