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"So wie gelber Strom?"

January 29, 2013

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" Like a yellow stream?" would be "(So) wie ein gelber Strom?"

It's hard do see this as a question. "ein gelber Strom" could mean a stream or river, but is terribly awkward. Even the Yellow River (Huang He) is "der Gelbe Fluss" in German, not "Strom". "Strom" is generally less common than "stream" in my opinion.

But Strom meaning (electrical) current is very common, and yes recently there is a "gelber Strom". You will find it in ads, relating to the brand name "Yello" (no typo). Yello is like the Lidel of energy providers. http://www.yellostrom.de/

Still "So wie gelber Strom?" might not be the optimal example for learners.

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