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  5. "Ona jest raczej niska."

"Ona jest raczej niska."

Translation:She is rather short.

June 16, 2016



Love how 'raczej' sound a bit like 'rather'.


Can raczej also mean, "Rather this than that?"


Yeah, I guess so. Polish wiktionary shows three meanings:

  • showing that the author of the sentence is not sure about whether it's true, but he thinks that it probably is

  • showing that the author of the sentence is not sure about some decision, but he thinks that he probably will decide on that after all

  • showing that the author of the sentence is not sure about some opinion, but he thinks that he can probably agree


Ships and aircraft always get called she.


How do you say »She is quite short» in Polish, as this was not accepted as a translation?


dość/dosyć niska.


I guess it probably may be accepted anyway. Added.


Could it be "pół" instead "raczej" too?


No... "pół" is "half", so "She is half-short"?


Does "ona" necessarily have to refer to a female person? And if it doesn't, I guess "low" could be used too instead of "short". Isn't it?


I think it's really weird to use a personal pronoun in Nominative (on the other hand, in other cases it's unavoidable) to denote something else than a person. Maaaybe an animal. So we should stay with "short" here.

Like, imagine we're talking about a lamp. "To jest lampa. Ona jest mała." - that sounds pretty weird. I'd definitely omit the pronoun and say "To jest lampa. Jest mała."


No, low could not be used in an English translation of the Polish, because we don't describe height like that. Just think of niski as including the meanings of both low and short (of a person).


Is there a difference between raczej and dość?


In this sentence, I don't think so.

But "dość" also (firstly?) means "enough", "sufficiently", while "raczej" means "rather".

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