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"Nasze babcie produkują skarpety."

Translation:Our grandmothers produce socks.

June 16, 2016



Doesn't "Our grandmothers are producing socks" also work?


Yes it should, although present simple seems to me a more probable option. Reported though.


making rather than producing

and it is our grannies that are making the socks



Well, these grandmas here clearly own a factory - obviously in Polish 'robią' is more probable than 'produkują', just as in English, but not with these business queens.


I remember that there was another sentence that had produkuja which again produce as the translation which was correct but the more common usage there would have been make which was not accepted ....

there are grannies at my brain injury centre in Glasgow that knit scarfs, mittens etc we could say that they are producing them but instead we say that they are making them since that is the accepted usage to desctibe that activity

produce is correct but in those examples it would be the least common usage .... knitting or making would be more common.

enjoy your weekend


Thanks, you too. Sometimes a sentence just has to teach a particular word (here it's 'produkować'), it doesn't have to be the most logical sentence.


I thought it was nasza, that's our , right


"nasza" is our, but for a singular femine noun. "naszA babciA".

You have plural grandmas here, so it's "naszE babciE" :)


Yes, I checked out this verb and I still cannot see why I was wrong in using the determinate 'are producing'-another whim on duolingo's part?


No, just an oversight. We do accept it normally and I see other sentences with "produkować" in this lesson accept it. Added here.

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