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"Bạn đối mặt với như thế nào?"

Translation:How do you face it?

June 16, 2016



Actually I am from Canada and I have heard this sentence more than a few time but it is usually something to the effect of how are you able to deal with that situation or the question of literally how to you deal with this situation. Example Sally: My job is horrible. I am constantly overworked and under appreciated. Jim: How do you face it everday?


I think "How do you deal with it" should also be accepted.


They need to add the translation confront to the face word... It is a much better translation than thinking someone is referring to the front of a head


In England we would say:

"How can you face it?" or "How will you face it?"

I've also heard "How do you face it every day?" and "How are you able to face it?"

But: "How do you face it?" sounds a little wrong.


This 100% makes sense in English.


What exactly does the verb "face" mean in this context?


it could mean pointing your body in a certain direction like "I am facing the window".. but I believe it is more like to accept and rise above a challenge life gives you like "to face your fears" if you are afraid of snakes, to face that fear you would go out and find someone to put a snake around your neck for example..


The second meaning follows from the first metaphorically, since facing your fear of snakes is like bravely turning your body towards those snakes instead of running away from them.


Where does the ....DO ...come from???

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